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Call the Callgent

Now you may request the callgent for a task, in the following ways.


You may directly send an email to:

then wait for reply from the callgent's Service Endpoint.


The email address and API url below, contains callgent UUID, which is available after you've created the callgent.


You may also invoke the callgent via REST API:

  • callback parameter is essensial if you need to receive asyncronous response from callgent service.

Web Page

You may also generate a web page with a form or button to send a task to the callgent.

Embed into more systems

For example, you may also want to connect the callgent to Slack, Jira, ..., Apps, so that colleagues can interact with the callgent in the channels;
Or connect it to your personal Apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, to let the callgent assist you anywhere seamlessly.

This is achieved by adding more adaptive Client Endpoints to the callgent, then do some neccessary configurations. You may learn more in the Client Endpoint section.