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Welcome to the new era of AI software development! But what does that really mean? Let's break it down.

The Challenges of Software Development

The hardest part of software development may be how to clearly describe the real requirements. Instead of writing code from scratch based on ambiguous and complex PRD, yet another approach we propose here, is to let real end users to interact with software more freely and intelligently.

The Extents to AI Code Generation

So, how do we leverage AI in software development?

In essence, we strive to make every software service akin to a collaborative teammate, while empowering each user to function like a service in a programming context. To break the silos between users and systems.

To adhere to best practices, we may determine to what extent we want to auto-generate code by AI. Here are the levels to consider:

  • Machine code/ASM level
  • C/Java/Python/.. language level
  • Service orchestration level
  • Function-calling level
    • AI knows which and how to invoke an API
  • Callable Agent level
    • function-calling outside of chatbox

Introducing - Callable Agent

Similar to function-calling, Callgent takes it a step further. We're not just stuck function-calling in a chatbox, we put callgents in all native scenarios, to let users and systems to call it the most natural way. - Callable Agent

The Real Meaning of the New Era of AI Development

The true essence of this new era is to make AI more human-like and more human-friendly.

With Callgent, you can now:

  • Interact with services in a more natural way. you needn't describe your requirements, and wait for some developers to build it for you, just talk to services directly.
  • Leverage AI for code generation. AI agents stand between you and services to help understand and interact with them.
  • Free and native experiences. just like group chatting, requirements are expressed in natural language, and the AI agent will generate calling code and execute it for you.

Welcome to the new era of AI software development with - Callable Agent!