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Callgent Hub

There are many products already encapsulated as callgent templates on the Callgent Hub.
You can directly create your callgent from the hub to access the existing product services.

Let's start by example.

Create a callgent to access product is a SaaS product that helps businesses collect user feedback to build better products.

Suppose you want to integrate into your callgent platform.

Get your own account

Firstly, you need to register an account on, then get your API key from the settings page.

something like e30c7519-41c2-c7a7-3454-c437a56112a8

Create a canny callgent

Then go back to Callgent Hub, find the callgent, click the Create button.

TODO list the callgent card here, or screenshot here.

Follow the instructions to fill in the API key, then confirm the creation.

Set webhook on as event trigger

On successful creation, you will see a webhook URL on the callgent card. You must set this webhook URL on your > Settings > API > Webhooks.


The webhook URL is a event endpoint for to receive notification events to your callgent.

Using your callgent

Client endpoint

Every user interactions on will go directly into your callgent task queue.

Server endpoint

You can add any server endpoint to your callgent. So that you can respond to these tasks anywhere, e.g.

  • send to your Slack channels
  • as a github issue
  • into you system workflow, or database
  • ...

Your responses are automatically sent back to, to add comments or change status for the original interactions.

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  2. pre-created callgent template
  3. creation/config process
  4. usage