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Callgent Endpoints

Callgents endpoints are adaptors to collect callgent to external systems or users.

There are three types of endpoints:

  • Server Endpoint Responsible for converting requests into the encapsulated target system invocation or user chatting, and retrieving invocation response.
  • Client Endpoint Responsible for receiving requests into callgent task queue, and responding back to caller when task has any progress.
  • Event Endpoint Responsible for listening to events from the encapsulated target system or user, and notifying registered event observers on callgent.

Add a new endpoint to callgent

When you want to connect your callgent to a new external system / user, you need to integrate them by adding a new endpoint.
You can add any number of endpoints to your callgent.

choose a callgent

FIXME: list your callgents

Step 1, choose a type of endpoint

Client endpoint to accept tasks from external system, and server endpoint to send tasks to external system / user.

Step 2, choose an adaptor to the external system

You can also develop your own adaptor to the external system, if needed.

Step 3, configure the endpoint

Step 4, initialize the endpoint