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🏛️ The MVC architectural pattern in the new paradigm of AI

· One min read
James Pang
Project Initiator

The MVC architectural pattern is a common approach to software development that separates the user interface from the business logic. It is a popular choice for web applications because it allows for separation of concerns and makes it easier to maintain and update the application.

Mapping: mapping among external systems or users, View: interacting natively, with native panel or generated/developed panel, Controller: accepting, routing, forwarding, and responding

supported by AI sematic processing, Searching in my way VS your way

why AI

  • service is service
  • good at semantic processing, not complex logic inside domain
  • break things into 2 stages, orthogonally
  • inter-domain mapping, next view

Most of the time, we are not lack services, but views

request -> current response + next view

c端点,基于client或next端点,封装response + view传递下去


  • chain完整的会话上下文中,寻找数据线索,